Welcome to PALM FLOURISH INDIA, Vaikom, Kerala state. We introduce ourselves as manufacturer of organic manures, organic pesticides, organic fungicides and nutrient supplements. We also serve the peasantry of Kerala by running horticultural nursery, holding franchise for agricultural tools, machinery, undertaking gardening etc. We present here a compendium on organic farming, our range of agricultural inputs, other services rendered by us etc.


There has been a time ie the green revolution and the pre-green revolution era when the thrust was to fight hunger. Then, the prime focus was on production boosting by all means and at all costs. We have witnessed how chemical fertilizers, pesticides etc. have come into the picture and created miracles in escalating food production in the country. While not under rating the invaluable contributions of these inputs in eradicating poverty, reports are now pouring in from responsible quarters as to how the indiscriminate and massive use of chemical fertilizers, fungicides, weedicides, insecticides, acaricides etc. interfere with our terrestrial life.


A casual observation of happenings around us over the past half a century would evince that the taste of food articles deteriorated, keeping quality eroded and newer pests and diseases immune to conventional chemicals originated. There has been influence even on the genetic structure of human beings as exemplified by the maladies found to a section of dwellers in Kasaragodu, Kerala where Endosulfan, a poisonous insecticide was in use for years together to control Cashew pests. Even the balance of life in nature has upset as we notice in Kuttanadu, Kerala. It was in this context that organic farming caught attention as a viable alternative to synthetic chemical agricultural inputs. Basically, in organic farming the farmer says a big "no" to such products. Here, be it manure, pesticide or fungicide, the origin will be of biological. They proved to be eco-friendly and non hazardous to human beings. Though organic farming was more expensive, the produces fetched premium price in the market there by compensating for the additional investment. Scientists, policy makers and planners have now realized that bygone are the days where we laid emphasis on the quantum of production alone, but the quality was also as much important.

The mother earth has all the nutrient elements Nitrogen, Phosphorous, Potash etc.in its bounty. However the intensive agriculture followed here caused loss of these nutrients from the soil. More

Dr. P.R Paul, the beacon of Palm Flourish India was one among the pioneers of organic farming research in Kerala. He has invented remedies for major pests, diseases and physiological disorders rampant in Coconut cultivation. His products were of biological origin and beneficial to crops in many ways. The techniques he used in preparing his products more or less resembled those employed in homeopathic system.

To translate his research findings into reality for the benefit of farming community, the descendants of Dr. P.R Paul established Palm flourish India in the year 1990. Its factory is situated at Vaikom in Kottayam district in Kerala state. The company got trade mark registration from government of India.

It has among its panel of advisors agricultural scientists, senior officers of state agricultural department, Kerala agricultural university - who are all retired from their respective official positions.

The range of products includes RUTRIGEN, PALMZOOM, TENDEREX, CROWNEX, REDEEMVEG, EFFLORESCENCE-P and BIO-GEMMATE. Description of the products follows. Of these, Bio-Gemmate is a recent introduction. Rest of the products have been in use by the farmers all over Kerala for quite a long spell and received appreciation.

Trade enquiries are now forthcoming from different pockets and hence the website.

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