The mother earth has all the nutrient elements like Nitrogen, Phosphorous, Potash etc. in its bounty. However the intensive agriculture followed here caused loss of these nutrients from the soil. Bio-gemmate is an organic manure developed through a special process and is capable of making the soil fertile by bringing back the lost nutrient elements.

Bio-gemmate is evolved by drying and pounding green leaves of certain medicinal plants, oil seeds, flowers and bark of specific plants and oil cakes. The important herbs used for the preparation of this manure are Strychnos nux-vomica, Terminalia chebula, Neem seed, Cotton seed, Jatropha curcas, Castor, Sesame cake, Mustard cake, Groundnut cake, Eupatorium odoratum, Bone powder, dried Blood meal, dried Leather meal, dried Senews powder and Seaweed extract. The ingredients also include the most important micronutrients at trace levels.

  • A new research product

  • Boosts yield of Coconut Palm

  • Improves quality of Kernel

  • Remedies diseases due to deficiency of micro nutrients

  • Improves vigour and vitality of the palm enabling it to tolerate attack of major pests and diseases.

  • Supplies macro and micro nutrients to the crop.

The formulation of Bio-gemmate is done based on the homeopathic principle of repetition. Bio-gemmate acts as a protectant cum nutrient on Coconut. As this is incorporated into soil around the Coconut palm, it protects the palm from root related diseases and pests. Deficiency diseases are also kept away by supplying the essential nutrient elements. It enhances the proliferation of cells and promotes healthy growth of the palms which ultimately result in higher nut yield. Quality improvement of Coconut kernal, as evidenced by better taste, is another advantage of this product. It also conserves moisture in Coconut basins and promotes root growth and increased nutrient uptake. It can be used for all varieties of Coconut including indigenous, exotic and high yielding varieties. Its use is not restricted either by age or location and is suitable for use in all seasons. Bio-gemmate is eco-friendly too. It increases the population of beneficial micro organisms and earth worms there by enhancing the soil nutrient build up and fertility. It has trade mark registration. Bio-gemmate has been tested by the Kerala Agricultural University and certified vide SPDL Analysis (1)/2008-09 dated 20-05-2008.

  • It is a coarse powder.
  • Dosage and application :

    For adult trees (aged 3 and more years after planting) - 4 kg per tree annually to be split into two equal doses.

    For seedlings (below 3 years) - Half of the full dose.

    Method of application - Bio-gemmate 4 kg, Salt 2 kg, Soil 2 kg. To be mixed well and applied in trenches dug around the tree 5 ft. away from the trunk, 9 inches deep.

  • Sold in 2.00 kg packets.

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