We are running a nursery where we stock seeds and planting materials of most of the cultivated crops in Kerala. The collection includes seeds and planting materials of Vegetables, Fruit plants, Flowering and ornamental plants, clonal seedlings and budded stumps of Rubber, Spices, Medicinal and Aromatic plants and Coconut seedlings (cultivars and hybrids).

We also undertake lawn making, designing of ornamental gardens, their maintenance for short or long term, on contract basis, under expert supervision.

The company has franchise for selling Knapsack, Rocker and Hand sprayers, Electric pumps, Agricultural tools, Drip irrigation system etc.

We are on the trail of constant up gradation of our products and services. In our mission, we welcome ideas which stood the test of time and creative suggestions from our dealers, field level functionaries, well wishers and the farming community at large.

It will be our humble privilege to furnish to the needy any clarification or additional information about the contents presented here. If need be, please contact us:

Robert Puthenveedan
Chairman, Palm Flourish India
Palm Flourish India

We dedicate this website to the teeming millions of agricultural population across the country.

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